CAF to supply trams for Omaha

Omaha Streetcar Authority, an Interlocal Agency set up in partnership between the City of Omaha and Omaha Metro to execute the city’s new tram network project, has chosen CAF to supply the units that will operate on the line.

This is one of Omaha’s most important projects for the coming years and includes both thedesign and construction of the infrastructure and the trams, as well as the operation and maintenance of the system.

Scheduled to enter into operation in 2027, this almost 5-kilometrelong network will comprise 16 stops.

Running east along Harney Street and west on FarnamStreet, the network will connect Omaha’s historic Blackstone district with the downtown area.

Located in the state of Nebraska, Omaha is a city with close to half a million residents aand is undergoing multiple municipal projects in an effort to increase density and developmentin it’s urban core.

This project aims to improve mobility for residents, workers and visitors travelling between the city centre and key business, education and service hubs, whilst alsodriving employment growth and economic development.

CAF to supply 6 trams for Omaha

CAF‘s scope includes the initial supply of 6 trams, along with their corresponding depot parts and special tools. The contract also provides an option to increase the number of trams by upto 29 additional units in the future. The contract is worth approximately EUR 50 million (USD 54 million)

These are Urbos platform 3-module trams with a 100% low-floor design. They are equipped to operate using either overhead catenary power lines or Onboard Energy Storage Systems(OESS) on sections of the line without a catenary infrastructure. It should be noted that theseare the first CAF trams with the OESS system to be manufactured for the United States.

The growing interest of U.S. urban operators in battery-powered tram systems makes this aparticularly important consideration. This trend is a key factor that will help facilitate CAF’ssuccess in future bids for U.S. projects involving catenary-free track sectors for this type of system.

CAF has been operating in the U.S. since 1998 and has production facilities in Elmira (NewYork State), where a large number of US projects have been developed, including the supplyof 96 units for the Washington D.C. Metro, 130 passenger cars for Amtrak, as well as tramsand LRVs for Kansas City, Cincinnati, Houston, Sacramento, Pittsburgh and Boston.

CAF is currently executing two projects: supplying 102 light rail vehicles (LRVs) for Boston’s Green Line and 26 LRVs for Maryland’s Purple Line. The latter includes CAF’s participation inthe company that will manage the operation and maintenance of the Purple Line system for 30 years.

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