Bulgaria: Sofia third metro line project, in the advanced stage

Sofia MetroBulgarian Minister of Transport Galina Vasileva announced that tenders worth about EUR 575 million under the OP “Transport and Transport Infrastructure” 2014-2020 are in the advanced stage of implementation.
The third metro line project, Lot 1, is one of the listed projects. For this there already have been procedures for selection of contractor. The project involves the section from blvd. “Yanko Sakazov” to Krasno Selo residential area.
During the second Monitoring Committee of the program, a methodology and criteria for evaluation and selection of proposals were adopted. Furthermore, the National Communication Strategy and Annual Action Plan on information measures and publicity were also agreed. During the Monitoring Committee of OP “Transport and Transport Infrastructure” beneficiaries reported a progress on the preparation of projects to apply for funding under the program.

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