Bulgaria could buy from Talgo the 20 trains towed by CRRC China

Bulgaria could buy the 20 trains from Talgo that are run with CRRC China. Talgo on Friday began negotiations with the Bulgarian government to convince it of its offer to supply 20 electric trains for EUR 625 million.

Bulgaria could buy from Talgo

The Spanish manufacturer involved in the takeover bid launched by Hungarian group Ganz-MaVag (Magyar Vagon) has begun talks with the Bulgarian executive to convince him of its proposal and to launch a new public tender after the resignation of Chinese company CRRC. The Chinese company withdrew from the tender procedure, despite submitting a bid 50% cheaper than that of the Spanish company, after Brussels opened an investigation into the company for receiving state aid, according to eleconomista.es.

Bulgaria could buy 20 trains from Talgo

Ahead of the European Commission’s decision on the possible infringement of the Foreign Subsidies Regulation by its Chinese competitor, in an unprecedented move, Talgo revealed the offer it has submitted to the Bulgarian government. The €625 million it has valued the order at is higher than the EUR 615 million budgeted by the Eastern European executive, but Talgo hopes to convince government officials by guaranteeing design and manufacture on European soil, an order which, if successful, could end up being manufactured in Hungary if the government gives its approval to the Magyar Vagon takeover bid.

The proposal sent to Bulgaria is based on the same technological platform as the trains acquired by two giants, Deutsche Bahn (DB) of Germany and Danske Statsbaner (DSB) of Denmark, but with a design adapted to Bulgarian tracks. Specifically, the Intercity BG model will offer 390-seater layouts and accessible trains adapted to the height of the platforms on its infrastructure (760 mm high).

They will be capable of reaching 200 kilometres per hour and are ready to be converted into very high-speed trains if necessary. The trains will be interoperable throughout the European Union and allow operation in neighbouring countries. Based on a push-pull configuration, they will have a single locomotive pulling the train, the passenger carriages and the ‘cab-cab’ at the opposite end, thus avoiding the need to shunt a locomotive.

Stadler wins new order

Bulgaria is in the process of renewing its rolling stock. Last Thursday, Transport Minister Georgi Gvozdeikov authorised the purchase of seven electric double-decker trains from Stadler Poland, worth EUR 153.6 million. The tender for the purchase of 35 electric locomotives will resume in the coming weeks and should be completed before 11 April 2024.

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