Budapest plans to connect M2 Metro line with Gödöllő suburban railway

Budapest-metro_indexThe government is considering giving the go-ahead to a new HUF 306bn (EUR 970 mln) project which would see the Gödöllő suburban railway line (HÉV) connected with metro line 2 at their common terminal at Örs vezér tere on the border of districts X and XIV. The planned investment includes a HUF 60bn (EUR 190 mln) vehicle tender, the daily newspaper Népszabadság reports.
The metro and suburban railway line would meet underground and transfers would be made easier by a shared platform. The development would necessitate the acquisition of new hybrid vehicles which can function both as trains and metro carriages.
The construction of the new public transport hub at Örs vezér tere is expected to cost over HUF 21 billion (EUR 67 mln), with a further HUF 51 billion (EUR 161 mln) going to the construction of the new line’s Budapest stretch, between the terminal and Cinkota.
The project’s detailed feasibility report has already been completed. HUF 1 billion (EUR 3 mln) will be supplied for further planning in both 2016 and 2017 if the Budapest municipal assembly gives its consent to the project.

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