Brazil to rise rail infrastructure investments until 2018

BrazilBrazil’s national development bank BNDES is expecting infrastructure investments in 2015-2018 to be 30.6% higher than in 2010-2013, reports Bnamericas.
While 597bn reais (USD 202bn) is expected to be spent until 2018, a total of 457bn reais (USD 156.7bn) was invested in the previous period, according to a bank study which included a 9% margin of error.
For transportation and urban mobility, the investments include 227bn reais (USD 77.8bn). Of the investments in transportation and urban mobility, 50bn reais (USD 17.1bn) will be directed for urban mobility, 45 bn reais (USD 15.4bn) and other investments are directed to ports and airports projects.
In the comparison, railway investments are expected to increase most, practically doubling to 45bn reais.

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