Brazil, Peru and China to discuss the implementation of transcontinental rail project

rail lineA China-Brazil-Peru working group will soon be established to discuss the details of a proposed transcontinental rail line in South America, said the Brazilian ambassador to China, writes Chinadaily US Edition.
The proposed railway traversing South America and linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans would be a first. The joint team will work on the deliberations and specific cost estimates of the railway and the first meeting will be held at the end of February or early March, said Valdemar Leao, the ambassador of Brazil to China, in an interview with People’s Daily.
This is the largest railway project proposed by Chinese leaders during an overseas trip.
Late last year, at the APEC meeting in Beijing, Peru’s Ministry of Transport and Communication, Brazil’s Ministry of Transport and China’s National Commission of Development and Reform, signed the agreement to explore the project, called the Twin Ocean Railroad Connection.
The rail would begin from coastal cities of Peru and end on Brazil’s coast, extending about 5,000 kilometers, including 2,000 kilometers of already existing railway.

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