Brazil aims to attract USD 64 bn for infrastructure investments

Brazilia-tren de marfa_indexBrazil President Dilma Rousseff unveiled a plan to draw 198.4 billion reais (USD 64 billion) in private investment to build, upgrade and operate Brazilian roads, railways, airports and harbor terminals.
Most of the rail investment will be for new line construction. This includes reais 7.8bn (USD 2.5 bn) for two more sections of the North-South Railway namely Palmas – Anápolis and Barcarena -Açailandia; reais 4.9bn (USD 1.6 bn) for Anápolis – Estrela D’Oeste – Três Lagoas; and reais 9.9bn (USD 3.2 bn) for Lucas do Rio Verde – Mirituba.
Reais 7.8bn (USD 2.5 bn) will be invested in the Rio de Janeiro – Espírito Santo railway, while Reais 40bn (USD 12 bn) will go to the construction of the 3500km Brazilian section of a new line to Peru to facilitate the transport of agricultural and other goods to Asia.
Rousseff’s previous infrastructure program, which included caps on profits, failed to live up to expectations. Not a single auction was held after she unveiled a plan in 2012 to put up 14 new railways for concession. In the next year, a planned high- speed train to link Sao Paulo with Rio de Janeiro was shelved.


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