Bozankaya redefines public transport meaning

At Bozankaya, everything started three decades ago when it was a R&D company and, as the company says, innovation is its DNA, having 100 dedicated R&D engineers. Four years ago, the company was recognized by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology as an R&D and innovation centre and it has received an award as the Innovative Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan.

Nowadays, the company brings its contribution to the development and innovation of the railway industry. Being present in Germany, Turkey and Thailand, Bozankaya targets a higher position on the railway market by developing its products, solutions and services to deliver high-quality and price-competitive products.
One of the company’s strategy is to expand its presence especially in Eastern Europe and Asia. An important step to achieve this objective was the consolidation of its position in the Eastern European region, by winning a tram contract in Romania. Recently, Bozankaya entered a new market as it signed a EUR 33 million contract for the supply of 16 five-car trams in Timisoara, Romania. The contract includes an option for 24 additional trams, which brings the entire contract value to EUR 80 million.

Becoming a vehicle manufacturer, the company designs and manufacturers electric commercial vehicles and railway systems, supplies e-buses, trambuses, trams and LRVs as well as metro trains. These are produced at its facilities in Ankara, Turkey, and Salzgitter, Germany. The company is continuing to invest in its plant in Ankara that has designed metro and high-speed train production. Three developing phases were implemented to increase the number of production lines to eleven, from only two.

The company has delivered over 4,000 railway vehicles.

Based on its research activities, Bozankaya developed the first 100% low-floor bogie in Turkey and commercialised it to Kayseri. A real success was gained as it is the first Turkish company to export metro trains, with first shipments going to Bangkok, in consortium with Siemens Mobility for the Green Line project.
On the urban market, Bozankaya is currently developing its own metro train which is expected to be ready for static commissioning in the second half of 2020.
Bozankaya can easily adopt different tailor-made solutions in its modular trams according to the different needs and customers, offering innovative efficient, economic and reliable vehicles. To provide custom-made solutions, the company is interested and collects end-user feedback to make key-decisions in the production of the new vehicles, perfectly fitted for every passenger mobility needs. Also, Bozankaya is studying the potential clients and their environment, to better understand their needs, which will help shaping the best products, equipped with high-innovative systems and solutions.
Bozankaya’s target is to become a global leader in innovative environmentally friendly transport technology, by working with industry experts, making no concessions on quality and providing the perfect answer to the mobility needs.

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