Black and Mediterranean Seas to be connected by railways

Turkish Railways General Director, İsa Apaydın, announced that there  will be a railway connection between Samsun and Mersin Ports, thus the Black Sea will be connected to the Mediterranean Sea by rail.

„Currently we have about 11 thousand kilometers in terms of both signaling and electrification. We have renewed 95 % of this line. Now, electrification project From Kayaş to Çetinkaya and the electrification project passing Sivas will be taken over this year. Infrastructure rehabilitation and signaling studies continue on Samsun-Sivas line. During 2017-2018, both electrified and signaled lines will reach at 60-70 % levels. We will complete rail track renewals in 2018”, Apaydın said.

TCDD General Director informed that this year Turkish Railways will start new projects and he also gave information about the Mediterranean and Black Sea fast train connection.

„We have a fast train connection to the Black Sea that links Samsun, Corum, Amasya, Kırşehir, Aksaray via Adana and Mersin. We want to continue this project.

„I hope that part of the project works will complete at the end of 2017 and the rest of it, at the end of 2018. This will be an important branch for the North-South corridor. In other words, Samsun port will be connected to both Mersin and İskenderun ports. I hope we achieve these projects in 2023”, TCDD General Manager said.

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