BISON Multi-System Electric Locomotive

“Super Last Mile with the Power of the Bison” by CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd.


The BISON locomotive platform was developed by rail transit vehicle manufacturer CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. (CRRC ZELC) for the European market with the goal to enable cross-border mainline rail transportation throughout Europe by combining different voltage systems and various automatic train protection systems. The exterior design was inspired by the bison, which represents confidence and strength.

Figure 1 – the BISON Multi-System Electric Locomotive Platform


Environmentally-friendly with the Super Last Mile battery pack

The BISON locomotive platform can be equipped with a lithium titanate battery power pack as auxiliary power source. The battery can be quickly charged in catenary mode and stores recuperative energy. Apart from its high safety, stability and long lifespan, the battery avoids fuel waste and air pollution and thus minimizes the environmental impact. It can realize short-term traction in non-electrified areas such as factories or depots, harbors and between power supply areas, substituting diesel shunting locomotives and significantly reducing CO2 emissions.



Regenerative braking recuperates kinetic energy, which can be stored in the stable and safe traction battery or be fed back into the catenary to efficiently reduce energy consumption and costs.


Multiple voltage systems

With additional pantographs, the locomotive can expand into a four-system AC and DC locomotive, it can automatically identify the catenary voltage and smoothly shift between AC and DC power supply systems. This feature covers all major power supply systems in Europe.

Figure 2 – the Multi-System Electric Locomotive at the InnoTrans 2022


Passenger and freight transportation

The BISON locomotive platform is available in different configurations for both passenger and freight transportation.


System components for safety and comfort

The locomotive uses reliable system components to meet high safety standards. The car body adopts an integral load-carrying structure with a strong and lightweight design, which meets the European DVS 1612 fatigue strength standard.

Figure 3 – Mainline electric locomotive for Rail Cargo Hungaria


The driver’s cab applies an anti-penetration wall structure and an anti-collision waist beam design concept, creating a large working space while reducing the risks in case of collision.
The bogie platform is a highly mature concept used on more than 2,000 HXD-series electric locomotives and was further optimized for the BISON platform. By using a configuration system, the reliability and safety of the running gear is increased.
The vehicle uses green and environmentally friendly interior materials, improving the convenience and comfort of the on-board personnel and passengers.


BISON locomotive platform technical description


Mainline electric locomotives based on the BISON platform for Rail Cargo Hungaria

At the InnoTrans exhibition in September 2022, CRRC displayed the TSI conform multi-system electric locomotive developed and manufactured by CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. based on its BISON locomotive platform and received wide attention from visitors.
This multi-system electric locomotive was developed according to the requirements of Rail Cargo Hungaria and the requirements for freight operations in Central and Eastern Europe.

Figure 4 – Driver’s cab interior view


On September 11, 2019, the European subsidiary of CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. – CRRC ZELC Verkehrstechnik GmbH (CRRC ZELC Europe) and the Hungarian railway undertaking Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. signed a framework agreement for the delivery and maintenance of two mainline electric locomotives and two hybrid shunting locomotives. The contract covers the leasing and maintenance of the locomotives for four years, including an extended leasing or purchase option and an order option for additional 20-20 vehicles from both types. The multi-system electric locomotives for Rail Cargo Hungaria will be the first freight-optimized E-locomotives in Europe.
The mainline locomotive has a traction power of 5,600 kW, a starting traction of 300 kN and reaches a maximum running speed of 140 km/h. The locomotive represents a high-end environmentally friendly alternative developed in accordance with the TSI standards and is able to operate with a variety of power supply systems.
The individual exterior design reflects the logo of the customer using an eye-catching blue as a base color and a bright white to highlight the operator’s name.

Figure 5 – BISON Locomotive Platform


The driver´s cab of the mainline electric locomotive employs a driver-friendly ergonomic design with a spacious working environment, clear function zones and environmentally friendly interior materials for comfortable driver operation.

The mainline electric locomotives for Rail Cargo Hungaria comply with the TSI requirements, CSM safety evaluations and NNTR requirements and are in the process of acquiring homologation in nine European countries. After receiving the official approval, the locomotives based on the BISON platform will be ready for operation in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Greece.


Mainline electric locomotive for Rail Cargo Hungaria main parameters

With innovative railway products, CRRC ZELC and its European subsidiary CRRC ZELC Europe are committed to provide its customers with green and environmentally-friendly transport solutions. By working together with domestic and foreign customers and partners, we shoulder the social responsibility of developing a low-carbon future of the global rail transit industry.


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Figure 6 – Mainline electric locomotive for Rail Cargo Hungaria side view


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