Beijing metro to put in operation its longest trains

Beijing MetroBeijing Metro will put into operation on Line 16, a new type of of eight-car subway train which has the maximum capacity of 3,560 passengers.
The metro trains are produced by China CNR Changchun Railway Vehicles that will deliver 35 subway trains with 280 cars. It will be the first time for the A-type eight-car train to be used in Beijing.
The eight-car train can transport 1,000 more passengers than the six-car one. The subway car has a lightweight stainless steel body with high strength and corrosion-resistant features.
This batch of subway trains are set to run at a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour.
The Subway Line 16 will run about 50 kilometers, starting from Haidian district in the north and extending to Fengtai district in the south. The construction began in March 2013, and the line is expected to open in the end of 2017.

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