Austria to build a new railway line

VienaEU will support with over EUR 1 million a study preparing the construction of a new rail line between Münchendorf and Wampersdorf (via Ebreichsdorf) in Austria. The project is to improve the freight and passenger transport on the Pottendorfer Line linking Vienna and Wiener Neustadt.
The total cost covered by EU decision is EUR 2.78 million, of which percentage of EU support is 50%.
This section is the last remaining bottleneck on the Pottendorfer Line, which is also impacting the freight and passenger transport on the railway network connecting the Baltic Sea with the Adriatic.
The design study on the new line will come up with a route optimisation plan and measures for the Environmental Impact Assessment necessary for the construction works. The improved line is to allow higher speed and higher transport capacity on the entire network.
The project is to be completed by the end of 2015.

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