Alstom’s plant in Trapaga goes green

photovoltaic panelsAlstom’s factory in Trapaga, Vizcaya, northern Spain, has successfully implemented a self-consumption system based on photovoltaic panels that will generate 46,000 kWh per year and avoid the emission of 16 tonnes of CO2 annually.

With this new equipment, the site establishes a new milestone in achieving Alstom’s objectives in terms of sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint of its operations.

The just installed 91 400Wp photovoltaic panels are located on the south side of the pitched roof above the Shipping area. The new equipment is already generating the electricity needed for internal consumption in lighting, offices, 24-hour equipment, and power outlets for production.

This installation is aligned with Alstom group’s AIM strategy and its ESG 2025 targets, which aims to develop sustainable mobility solutions with a responsible business model. Among the targets set for 2025 is the reduction of 25% of the energy used in its solutions comparing with 2014, eco-design approach for 100% of newly developed solutions, and 100% renewable electricity supply for the group’s activities and operations. The French manufacturer is committed to science-based CO2 emissions reduction targets within the frame of the Paris Agreement.

Alstom’s Bizkaia factory in Trapaga is responsible for the design, management and supply of electric propulsion and traction systems for any railway application in all power ranges. It delivers traction systems for general line vehicles such as locomotives, high-speed trains, long-distance, regional, and commuter trains, and urban transport for metros, monorails, tramways, and trolleybuses.

With 200 employees, more than 90% of its production was destined for the foreign market, mainly Italy, France, Germany, the Middle East, and Latin America.

In Spain, Alstom employs around 2,000 people in 18 work sites. The company has a rolling stock manufacturing site and 4 innovation centres where it runs research and development programmes for rolling stock, signalling, security and services. The company is committed to international expansion and exports with an average of 50% of its business being dedicated to abroad projects.

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