Alstom wins São Paulo Line 9 signalling contract

São Paulo Line 9ViaMobilidade and Alstom have signed the contract to adjust the traffic supervision and control system on São Paulo Line 9 (Linha 9 – Esmeralda) and implement theLocal Control for the Automatic Train Operation System (ATO) at Osasco station.Activities have already started and should continue until May 2025, according to the contract.

Alstom will be responsible for adapting and changing the architecture of the interface between the Operations Control Centre (OCC) of Line 9 – Esmeralda and Line 8 – Diamante, following the deployment of a new interlocking by ViaMobilidade on Line 8. The aim of the track modification is to allow the trains on Line 9 to carry out post-station manoeuvres and operate at Osasco station with the ATO system. For this, adaptation of a new channel at the OCC of Line 9 is being considered as well as the possibility of integrating the new channel on board the 36 trains Alstom is manufacturing at Taubaté plant for lines 8 and 9.

The services comprise the development and adaptation of software, the elaboration of technical specifications and lists of materials, equipment and spare parts, as well as the services of inspection of materials, installation projects, tests and commissioning, operational release, in addition to the elaboration of manuals ofoperation and maintenance.

In July 2021, ViaMobilidade awarded Alstom a contract to supply 36 eight-car Metropolis trains and the first train has been handed over on February 28, 2023 which undergoes a series of tests that guarantee safety before entering commercial operation, scheduled to take place in the first half of the year.

On April 17, 2023, ViaMobilidade presented to the Government of the State of São Paulo and the State Public Ministry a proposal for an agreement that provides for additional improvements to the services provided on lines 8 and 9. Once the agreement is signed, the amount of BRL 87 million (USD 17.5 million) will be added to the investments foreseen in the Action Plan already presented to the State government with the objective of accelerating the recovery of the infrastructure of both lines.

In February, ViaMobilidade committed to anticipate investments BRL 519 million (USD 104.7 million) through the Action Plan. In April, ViaMobilidade presented an additional investment proposal in the amount of BRL 117 million (USD 23.6 million) to be almostentirely intended for the recovery of permanent tracks (rails and sleepers).

The procurement of the new trains and the modernisation of the lines are the projects part of an investment package of BRL 3.8 billion (USD 767 million) planned for the first three years of the concession, in a contract valid for 30 years.

São Paulo Line 9 with a length of 37.3 km and 20 stations connects Osasco to Bruno Covas – Mendes/Vila Natal. The 41.6 km Line 8 is served by 22 stations connecting six municipalities.

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