Alstom signs first passenger train contract in Romania

Coradia Stream EMUs The Romanian Railway Reform Authority (RRA) and Alstom Feroviaria have signed on March 25, 2022, the contract for the supply of a 20 inter-regional passenger train fleet with 17 additional Coradia Stream EMUs. The contract signing ceremony follows authority’s announcement on the selected winner of the tender to deliver a fleet of 40 electric multiple units (EMUs).

The contract was signed by Ștefan-Adrian Roșeanu, the president of Romanian Railway Reform Authority and Gabriel Stanciu, the Director General of Alstom Romania, Bulgaria and Republic of Moldova.

Ionel Scrioșteanu and Ionuț-Cristian Săvoiu, Secretaries at the Romanian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure attended the contract signing ceremony.

EUR 263 million (RON 1.3 billion) is the total value of the contract covering the delivery of the 20 EMUs including the provision for maintenance services for a period of 15 years. EUR 188.7 million (RON 931 million) is the value of train supply contract, while EUR 76.6 million (RON 378 million) is the value of the maintenance service agreement.

The contract also includes an option for the delivery of 17 additional electric trains and doubling the maintenance service period – to 30 years. If RRA will order the further batch of trains, EUR 748 million (RON 3.71 billion) is the total value of the contract which is supported by the European Union and the national budget.

Under the contract, the first 6-car EMU will be delivered by the end of 2023 and the entire train fleet of 37 EMUs will be supplied by the end of 2024.

The 6-car train comprises two end carriages with driver’s cabs and four intermediate carriages and provides 351 seats. There will be two entry doors on each side of the middle cars and one door for each side of the end cars. The passenger information system will include a sound system and a dynamic display system. Each train car will be equipped with large-size luggage racks.

The new train will also provide passengers bar/bistro area, a special area with two dedicated places for passengers with disabilities, as well as an area fitted with ticketing machines issuing physical tickets. The air-conditioned carriages will also provide Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Coradia Stream trains will also be equipped with a digital system for passenger counting with high-precision sensors. Each train will have four ecological toilets, evenly distributed along the entire length of the train, with one designed for people with reduced mobility. The final configuration, colors and finishes will be fully customised according to the requirements of the Contracting Authority during the design stage.

The new 100% low floor Coradia Stream trains are equipped with the ERTMS Level 1 and 2 traffic control system as well as with the Romanian legacy signalling system PZB90. They comply with both European standards as well as Technical Interoperability Specifications (TSIs), being capable of operating on all the main European power supply systems.

“I congratulate RRA efforts to supervise the entire procurement process that thanks to the European Investment Bank paved the way to the acquisition of the new trains,” Ștefan Roșeanu said.

They will be able to run at a maximum speed of 160 km/h and will enter commercial services on the rail routes linking Bucharest with the country’s main cities and will also operate on inter-regional rail lines.

Coradia Stream EMUs will operate on the following rail routes:

Bucharest Nord – Constanța;
Bucharest Nord – Brașov – Arad – Timișoara;
Bucharest Nord – Brașov – Cluj;
Bucharest Nord – Brașov – Deda – Cluj;
Bucharest Nord – Brașov;
Bucharest Nord – Iași;
Bucharest Nord – Suceava;
Bucharest Nord – Galați;
Bucharest Nord – Craiova – Târgu Jiu – Petroșani – Simeria;
Bucharest Nord – Craiova – Timișoara – Arad;
Cluj – Timișoara;
Cluj – Suceava – Iași.

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