Alstom launches Attractis and SRS, two major innovative urban solutions

SRS Alstom launched two major innovative urban solutions at the UITP World Congress 2015, in Milan: Attractis, an integrated tramway system for growing cities, and SRS, a new ground-based static charging system for both trams and electrical buses.
“The Alstom’s strategy is driven by continuous innovation to develop and provide sustainable solutions, at an affordable cost, in order to respond to urban mobility needs. This is illustrated by the innovations launched at UITP. With these new solutions, Alstom reinforces its collaboration with cities to help them solve the economic and environmental challenges they are facing”, Henri Poupart-Lafarge, Alstom Transport President said.
Attractis, an innovative integrated tramway system for growing cities that is simpler to operate and cost-effective. Thanks to optimised project management and construction methods, Attractis is available in the record time of 30 months from the design phase. Designed to optimise acquisition costs and the total cost of ownership, Attractis can offer up to 20% savings in investment compared to a traditional tramway system.
Attractis is a concentrate of Alstom’s proven know-how and expertise designed for growing cities with high population density not yet equipped with a tramway system. It includes Alstom’s Citadis[2] tram and all associated infrastructure: the track, power supply, passenger stations, communication and information system, line operation supervision and control systems, ticketing, and maintenance. In partnership with a civil works company, Alstom builds all the necessary infrastructure and ensures the testing and commissioning of the entire line working with the operator.
To ensure the availability of Attractis in record time, Alstom has developed optimised construction methodology involving intelligent section-by-section scheduling of civil and electromechanical works to minimise construction time, disturbance and costs. The Attractis package also includes a 3D driving simulator, enabling drivers to practice during the construction period, further optimising the timing of the project.

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