Alstom, inspired by our nature

From ‘designing fluidity’ motto, to ‘mobility by nature’, Alstom continues its journey as an innovative global leader for a sustainable and smart mobility.

As the company says, its new visual brand identity perfectly expresses its commitment to develop and offer products and services which lead to a global sustainable mobility.
Alstom is tremendously engaged in innovation that opened a new chapter in global mobility. The company has launched the zero-emission Coradia iLint (working on fuel cells powered by hydrogen), the electric bus Aptis and the multimodal management system for urban transport Mastria, which helps city to achieve greater fluidity and capacity.
This year, Alstom has also launched its new strategic plan and objectives for 2023, called AiM – “Alstom in Motion”, focused on innovation and efficiency in its products and services through which the company will become the leader in green and smart mobility solutions.

A sustained growth, green and digital innovation, operational efficiency, and an agile, inclusive and responsible corporate culture, are the key components of the strategy which also has clear financial objectives for 2023. The company says that over the period 2020-2023, the average annual growth rate of sales will be around 5%.
Through AiM, the company has set its ambitions: to become the undisputed leader in services, to gain market and product leadership on signalling sector, thanks to the digitalisation of its solutions, and to expand its leadership in rolling stock and systems thanks to the geographical expansion of its new product platforms.
Split for the FY2018/19 sales, Alstom’s portfolio of solutions includes rolling stock, representing 43%, with a value of EUR 3.4 billion, followed by systems (infrastructure and integrated solutions), representing 22% (EUR 1.8 billion), services, with 19% of sales (EUR 1.6 billion) and signalling, with 16% (EUR 1.3 billion).

Alstom has launched new platforms and innovations in all its product lines. Citadis XO5 Alu is the latest version on tramway segment, boasting a number of new technologies, including permanent magnet motors, improved HVAC and auxiliary management, which together reduce its energy consumption by 25%. Simplified sub-system integration and maintenance decrease lifecycle costs, while the tram is 97% recyclable.

On regional sector, Coradia Stream and Coradia iLint lead the innovative products. With its improved modularity, new passenger experience and weight savings, Coradia Stream is specifically designed for the needs of intercity services and opens a new chapter in Coradia regional range. When talking about the future of a clean mobility, we simply say: ‘Coradia iLint’. It is the world’s first hydrogen powered train, which produces electrical power for traction. After 2 years when it was presented, it entered into commercial service, in Germany, in 2018. This year, Alstom has received the largest Coradia iLint train order: fahma, a rail operator in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main area, awarded a contract for the supply of 27 fuel cell trains, which will enter services in 2022. The trains will replace the existing diesel-powered trains on four lines.

Avelia Liberty is the latest addition to the Avelia family of very high-speed trains, able to run at speeds of up to 350 km/h. Amtrak ordered 28 such trains which will be able to carry up to 33% more passengers than the current Acela trains on the Northeast Corridor. The train can evolve from nine cars up to 12 without any modification to the traction system and can increase speed up to 350 km/h without the tilting system.

Prima H3 and Prima H4 are high-performance shunting and works locomotives offering alternative power sources. Prima H3 comes in battery version as well as in hybrid one, and H4 has various versions such as hybrid, bi-mode to switch between electrified and catenaryless lines and bi-mode battery which integrates the added benefits of battery power.
Beside the development of new rolling stock platforms, Alstom promises to boost signalling performance, to prioritise innovation in smarter and greener mobility solutions, while delivering efficiency, powered by digital transformation.

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