Agreement signed to open Finnish rail market

Finland’s Ministry of Transport and VR Group signed an agreement for the liberalization of country’s railway market.
Under the agreement, VR and the Ministry of Transport will set up rolling stock and real estate companies which will be controlled by the Ministry. According to the plans, these companies will become operational by the end of 2018.
Within the plans, all Sm2 and Sm4 trains, currently used in suburban and regional service in southern Finland, will be transferred to the rolling stock company, which will also launch the tenders for the acquisition of new trains.
The real estate company will be responsible for the operation of the buildings, the fixed equipment, and stations situated in Southern Finland, all currently owned by VR. As there are plans to develop a major real estate project in Helsinki area, which currently is under VR responsibility, it will be transferred to the new company.
VR Group will establish a rolling stock maintenance subsidiary which will operate as an independent company.

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