Agreement on data solution development in UK rail sector

Porterbrook and Microsoft Data and Artificial Intelligence partner, Elastacloud, entered into a strategic partnership to build innovative data solutions for the rail sector.
The two companies have already identified at least thirty KPI’s across the rolling stock sector that might be improved through Artificial Intelligence and that will benefit both Porterbrook customers and rail users.
The agreement sees Elastacloud share its market leading Artificial Intelligence intellectual property with Porterbrook with the objective of delivering improvements in key areas, principally train performance and maintenance optimisation.
“Our industry produces large volumes of data that we all too easily ignore. By intelligently analysing this data we can make real improvements to both customer fleets and passenger journeys,” Mary Grant, Porterbrook CEO said.
The partnership aligns with Porterbrook’s overall vision of being the UK market leading provider of rail leasing and asset management support.

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