Advanced rail cybersecurity solution for Tel-Aviv Red LRT

Tel-Aviv Red lineAlstom, in partnership with Cylus, integrated in its CBTC an advanced rail cybersecurity solution on the Tel-Aviv Red line to improve the protection of the line’s signalling and train control systems.

CylusOne is a rail-specific, multi-layered, cybersecurity solution powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology. The construction of the line is managed by NTA Metropolitan Mass Transit System.

The CylusOne solution monitors all in-transit data within critical signalling, control and communications networks, without impacting the physical or technical design. It also analyses the data to detect abnormalities or attack patterns. If an irregularity is detected, threat alerts are immediately brought to the attention of the rail network’s operations team, along with remediation playbooks, to respond to the impending threats.

Under the project, CylusOne was integrated with Alstom’s Urbalis 400. NTA cybersecurity professionals also played a significant part in the decision to incorporate the CylusOne system into the Red line. In the coming months, the CylusOne system will be fully integrated into the Cyber Security Operations Center of the Tel-Aviv Red line operations.

By integrating CylusOne in Alstom portfolio, we now provide our clients solutions to problems that did not even exist when the Red line was planned and approved. The solution is designed to protect the line for many years to come,” Eran Cohen, Managing Director of Alstom Israel said.

Tel-Aviv Red line is the first section and will be the backbone of the city’s light rail system, pass through the most congested regions of the metropolitan area. The 24 km LRT with 11km in a tunnel, served by 34 stations of which 10 will be underground will run from Bat Yam in the south to Petah Tikva central station in the northeast. In the future there is a possibility for the line to be extended to Moshe Dayan interchange in Rishon Lezion.

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