Adif launches tender for tunnel maintenance

tunnel safety managementAdif has launched a tender for tunnel safety management on the conventional and metric gauge lines. EUR 9.65 million (VAT included) is the value of the contract which will ensure the reliability and functionality of the systems such as the lighting, ventilation or fire detection of the tunnels.

The contract is divided into six lots and covers the tunnels located in the different geographical areas of the network. The winner will provide comprehensive management services of the protection and safety systems for 24 months.

The tunnel safety management contract includes the installations and systems for the protection and security of the existing tunnels on the two network systems. They cover the detection and extinction of fires systems, the measurement of the quality of the air, all the ventilation elements as well as the emergency radio communications and telecommunications.

Through this tender Adif seeks the equipment that has the proper specialization for this type of work to ensure the functionality and operation of these facilities.

To this end, the successful bidders must be responsible for carrying out preventive maintenance work, including the work carried out periodically and cyclically to check the operation and availability of the facilities and their proper condition, as well as corrective maintenance, to restore and solveany eventual dysfunction.

The contract also includes the execution of the so-called scheduled corrective actions, aimed at optimising the operating conditions of the facilities.In addition, any other specific intervention commissioned by Adif will be taken into account.

In May, Adif has awarded two EUR 4.84 million service contracts for the maintenance of the tunnels on the conventional, the high-speed and metric – gauge networks. The contract will be completed within two years and covers the repairs of the deteriorated elements of the tunnels to provide optimal operating conditions and the extension of their life cycle. The works will be performed on the Northwest and North rail network which includes the metric width network as well as the North and East high-speed lines.

Currently, the Spanish railway network is made up of 17,694 km of track and1,274 tunnels with a total length of 667 km.

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