Adif approves climate change master plan

Adif and Adif Alta Velocidad approved the 2018-2030 Master Plan to combat climate change, that is focused on the reduction of emissions and energy savings through the promotion of modal transfer to railways, the promotion of decarbonisation and the energy efficiency of the rail system, and the increase in the use of renewable energy.
The Master Plan is structured in four strategic pillars that contain 9 programmes, 20 measures and 76 projects.
The plan is based on railway environmental advantage, enhancing the role that this transport mode must play within the transport sector in order to achieve the objectives set at the international, European and national levels in the fight against climate change.
The strategy seeks to reduce GHG in the whole national transport system, by attracting more traffic to railways and developing and improving the railway network. According to estimations, the reduction of accumulated emissions until 2030 due to the modal shift is estimated at more than 8 million tonnes of CO2.
The measures included in Adif initiative will allow economic saving of EUR 251 million until 2030.

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