Adif and Barcelona Port create company to promote rail freight

Train Port BarcelonaAdif and the Port of Barcelona have launched the Train Port Barcelona partnership for the development and management of the railway logistics node of the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

The new entity will manage the rail logistics hub in the city area made up of the intermodal terminals of Can Tunis and La Llagosta and the future port and railway terminals.

The scope of this collaboration includes the Can Tunis railway complex, the La Llagosta Intermodal and Logistics Terminal, the Port of Barcelona Intermodal Terminal and the Intermodal Railway Highway Terminal. The partners will work in a coordinated manner in the planning and development of these infrastructures, the optimisation of investments and the efficient management of resources to achieve more competitive services. Train Port Barcelona also aspires to become the interface for operators. railways and railway terminals, offering quality service to the end customer.

The company will manage and operate the Barcelona Railway Port Management Center (CGFB), where the planning and coordination of the provision of services between the Can Tunis station and the Port of Barcelona railway terminals is carried out.

It will assume the management of train maneuvering and operations services. Train Port Barcelona will build and operate the future Intermodal Terminal of the Port of Barcelona for a period of 50 years, under a public domain concession regime.

The facilities of 13.8 ha will represent an investment of EUR 22 million and will have two gantry cranes and a container storage area.

The company will also operate the La Llagosta Intermodal and Logistics Terminal under a lease for a period of also 50 years.The global transformation of this terminal, located 20 km from the port, foresees an investment of EUR 25 million in a first phase.The facility will have a four-lane platform, two gantry cranes and a 14.5 ha container storage area.Train Port Barcelona will be part of the shareholders of the future Railway Highway terminal, with a minority stake, which will be built in the old channel of the Llobregat river.

Train Port Barcelona is a key cooperation between both administrations that will contribute to promoting rail freight transport in the Mediterranean axis and its area of influence, as well as international transport.

The constitution of Train Port Barcelona, whose presidency is held by the Port of Barcelona, was contemplated in the collaboration protocol to promote the construction of the new southern, road and rail accesses, signed in October 2020 by the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, the Generalitat of Catalonia, Adif, State Ports and the Port of Barcelona.

The initiative, a pioneer in this field, innovates in infrastructure management to achieve maximum efficiency in environmental terms, connectivity and competitiveness.

The initiative will promote synergies and learning in an activity that will contribute to the social and economic development of the country.

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