A new tram section opened in Shanghai

Shanghai Keolis has opened a new 12.8 km tram section in Songjiang districts, Shanghai, bringing its total coverage up to 27 km.
The tram network now serves 40 stations across the city’s residential areas and its universities, as well as linking up to the Shanghai metro network. The tram network is due to be completed by the end of the year, by which time it will be 31 km long.
The tram network, which is operated by 30 Alstom’s Citadis trams, is expected to carry some 170,000 passengers per day.
In August 2018, Shanghai Keolis won a five-year contract to operate and maintain the Songjiang tram network, with a 14-km initial opened section in December.
Shanghai Keolis is a joint venture between Shanghai Shentong Metro Group and Keolis set up in June 2014. The JV operates the first automated metro line of Shanghai, the network Songjiang tramway, and will soon open Shanghai International Airport’s new automated metro system, connecting the two existing terminals to two new satellites as part of an airport extension project.

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