A new study to decide Poznań rail agglomeration development

A tender was announced to develop a preliminary feasibility study on the reopening of the unused lines on Poznań Railway Junction. An air-rail link and future rail connections between Poznań and nearby towns will be analised to develop railway transport.
The study development will be funded by the Polish railway infrastructure manager, PKP PLK. The submitted offers will be opened on November 21 and the winner of the tender will prepare 4 scenarios containing a minimum of 8 investment variants forming the basis for the further analysis. Preliminary documentation is expected to be ready by mid-2023.
The initial feasibility study will facilitate the planning of rail investments within the Poznań agglomeration in the coming years and it will determine the possibilities of adapting the Poznań Railway Junction to the increasing train traffic. Preliminary technical solutions to improve passenger connections and railway infrastructure will also be considered.
The study envisages the design of a new railway line connecting Poznań Central station and Poznań Ławica airport, and the reactivation of the rail link to Śrem, 45 km south Poznań, and Międzychód, at 80 km western of Poznań. Additional railway connections to other four towns (Gniezno, Kościan, Szamotuły and Środa Wielkopolska) will be also taken into account, as the demand for rail services to these destinations is increasing. As the result, the selected projects would allow the separation of suburban and regional services and long-distance services, Arnold Bresch, Member of PKP PLK Board, explained.
The contractor will analyse solutions for the location of stations and stops that will allow the integration between railways and others and public transport services.
It is initially planned to adjust the route from Poznań to Bydgoszcz to a speed of 200 km/h, which will ensure the efficient operation of more trains. The reconstruction of track systems at the Poznań Główny (Central Station), Poznań Wschód, Poznań Starołęka, Luboń stations and the adaptation of the rail freight loop to passenger traffic will be analysed, while maintaining smooth cargo transport. By constructing new tracks between these stations, longer (750m) and heavier freight trains will be allowed to travel to different destinations.
Preliminary proposals developed as part of the study will be consulted with the operators who are implementing or intend to implement railway connections in Poznań and the city’s agglomeration. This will allow to take into account the needs of forecast passenger and freight traffic when determining the concept of investment options.

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