A new railway project to be completed in Kraków area

PKP Polish Railway Lines announced that in May, the new track between Kraków and Podgórze, a district of Kraków, will be operational, following the completion of the construction works. This is the next stage of adapting the E30 line, an important passenger and freight route, to international standards. The infrastructure manager is implementing this PLN 1 billion (EUR 233.37 million) under European financing through CEF.
Passengers will benefit from new and modern platforms in Wegrzce Wielkie, near Kraków, and Kokotow will benefit at the end of May. Comfortable shelters, bright lighting, passenger information system and new sound system, guiding paths help blind and visually impaired people were installed. A new traction network has been also installed.
When the traffic will begin, on the Podłęże – Krakow railway line, the passenger trains will run at speeds of 160 km/h, and freight trains at 120 km/h. PKP PLK estimates that the demand for transport services will increase, due to wider embankment and larger engineering facilities, allowing an easy extention of the third track.
The E30 railway line is a part of the pan-European transport corridor that connects Ukraine with Poland and Western Europe. In previous years, the line was modernized on the Podłęże – Rzeszów section, and works are currently performed on Przywęż – Jaworzno Szczakowa section.
As part of the Kraków investment, the diametral line is being modernized. Between the Kraków Główny and Kraków Płaszów stations additional tracks will be built and new stops, bridges and viaducts will be cosntructed. In the east part of Krakow, the conditions for passenger and freight transport are already improved.
The current railway infrastructure on the route Krakow (Podłęże) –Rzeszów is undergoing modernisation, in order to adapt it to the AGC/AGTC standards for international transport corridors. The adaptation of this line to the standards will contribute primarily to increasing the maximum speed of trains, and thus will improve the quality of the transport offer, especially for the places located east of the station in Podłęże.
The main construction works will be completed in 2020, and the entire investment by mid-2021. The project “Works on the E30 railway line on the Kraków Główny Towarowy – Rudzice section along with the extension of tracks of the agglomeration line” is co-financed by the European Union under the CEF.

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