A new automatic gauge changeover system is installed at Brest station

brest rail stationThe Belarusian Railway cooperated with Talgo specialists to install the automatic gauge changeover system (AGCS) at Brest railway station. The new system will ensure the gauge changeover from 1520 mm to 1435 mm.
In the first quarter of 2015, the certification tests of passenger train s and Talgo system will be performed at Brest railway station.
Large-scale works were carried out by the Belarusian Railway before installing the system. Under the project the tracks, switches, signaling, interlocking and blocking devices at Brest railway station were changed. The reconstructed tracks were electrified. The AGCS was connected to the utilities. A range of construction and assembling works related to the system building was performed.
The project is implemented by the Belarusian Railway and RZD. To coordinate the implementation and terms of the project and to manage the engineering activities the joint work group was created.
The key objectives of the project are to increase the speed of Talgo trains on the Belarusian part of Moscow-Minsk-Warsaw-Berlin route within the 2nd European transport corridor, to improve the infrastructure and traffic capacity of Brest railway station and the quality of passenger services. Photo description: Brest rail station

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