58 million trips on Moscow Big Circle Line since its opening

The Big Circle Line, Moscow’s second underground ring, recorded 58 million trips since its operation, in 2018. During the first year the Big Circle Line’s two opened sections, an average of 70,000 trips were made daily, which increased to currently 120,000 daily trips.

The BCL opened section is running from Savyolovskaya interchange station to Delovoi Tsentr station, being served by six stations.

The first section of the Moscow metro’s new circle including Petrovsky Park, CSKA, Khoroshevskaya, Shelepikha and Delovoi Tsentr stations opened in February 2018, while in December 2018, Savyolovskaya station was operational.

With more than 11 million times, the CSKA ranks the first most popular and used station, followed by Delovoi Tsentr station of the Big Circle Line. Petrovsky Park and Shelepikha stations rank third.

The metro ring will link existing and prospective radial metro lines at a distance of up to 10 km from the Circle Line. This will allow unloading stations inside the circle and the Ring Circle, too.

Technical solutions are already being developed for new metro radii to be linked to the BCL, including three lines (Rublyovo-Arkhangelskaya Line — at Ulitsa Narodnogo Opolcheniya station; Kommunarskaya Line — at Ulitsa Novatorov station and prospective line to Biryulyovo and Shcherbinka — at Klenovy Bulvar station).

Construction works are carried out at four new stations on the western section of the Big Circle Line, with two of them expected to be opened in 2020. The construction of north-eastern section of the line from Aviamotornaya to Savyolovskaya stations were launched in 2015 and are carried out in three stages. They will be completed in 2021–2022, with three stations to be operational this year (the Elektrozavodskaya, Lefortovo and Aviamotornaya stations).

The Big Circle Line is the world’s largest metro construction project which completed, will have 70 km served by 31 stations, surpassing the current record holder, the second circle line of the Beijing metro (57 km long).

Big Circle Line stations will offer 23 transfers to other metro lines, with 4 transfers to the Moscow Central Circle, 6 direct transfers to MCD-1 and MCD-2, and 11 direct transfers to other rail lines. Mthe Big Circle Line will have more than four largest transport interchange hubs.

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