5 additional Coradia Polyvalent trains ordered for Occitanie region

Under a EUR 30 million contract, Alstom will supply 5 four-car Coradia Polyvalent trains to the French region of Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée. Deliveries will take place between October and December 2020. The region has already ordered 46 Coradia Polyvalent for Régiolis, with the most recent order for 13 trains placed in March 2019. It thus brings its order up to 51 trains.
This new order comprises 2 dual-mode and 3 electric Régiolis, in suburban version, to reinforce the region’s entire regional fleet. These new Coradia Polyvalent trains will benefit from the same characteristics as those already in circulation in the region.
The trains have 50% more access doors than the regional and intercity versions, facilitating passenger flows. At the region’s request, the trains benefit from specific equipment such as automatic passenger counting, spaces for bicycles and frontal display of destinations.
The first Coradia Polyvalent trains for Occitanie entered commercial service in May 2014 on the lines linking Toulouse to Latour-de-Carol and Mazamet.
To date, 338 Coradia Polyvalent trains have been ordered as part of the contract awarded to Alstom by SNCF in October 2009, including 277 Coradia Polyvalent for Régiolis by 9 French regions and 61 Coradia Liner by the French state, the authority responsible for the country’s TET (intercity) trains. Régiolis has already covered more than 50 million kilometres in commercial service.
The train is both ecological and economical due to its low energy consumption, its compliance with the latest emissions standards in thermal mode and its reduced maintenance costs. Coradia Polyvalent is the first French regional train to comply with all European standards, in particular with regard to access for people with reduced mobility.

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