23 Mireo trains ordered for Bavaria network

The Bavarian Railways Company (BEG) awarded Siemens Mobility a contract to build 23 four-car Mireo trainsets which will delivered in 2024.

They will be delivered to agilis Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH, a subsidiary of BeNEX, which provides rail transport services in Bavaria and is expected that the new train fleet will enter operation in December 2024 on the Regensburg/Danube Valley rail network in December 2024.

The Bavarian Railways Company (BEG), which plans, finances and controls regional and commuter rail operations on behalf of the state of Bavaria, had called for bids for new trains for parts of its network.

The new trains will serve on the new RE Line 50 (Nuremberg – Regensburg – Plattling) and the RB Line 51 (Neumarkt – Regensburg – Plattling).

The new Mireo trainsets have 216 seats and provide improved passenger comfort thanks to their spacious design. Each entrance has a multipurpose area that is not restricted by folding seats, which increases passenger convenience. All trains are barrier-free for passengers with limited mobility and in addition, a lift is available for wheelchair users to ease entries and exits at stations with lower platforms. The trains will be also fitted with a large number of luggage racks making easier for passengers to stow their luggage.

“When we ordered the new trains, our focus was on ensuring a high level of passenger comfort provided by generously designed interiors,” Axel Hennighausen, CEO of agilis said.

The trains will be equipped with a real-time passenger information system providing updated arrival and departure times as well as connection options for the respective stations. The trains will also have special high-frequency window panes developed by Siemens Mobility that significantly improve cellphone reception on board. Free WLAN service will also be available throughout the train.

The new Mireo variant which will be built at Krefeld plant is particularly powerful, enabling it to accelerate faster. The train has a top speed of 160 km/h.


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