Renfe acquires wagons from Tatravagónka

Tatravagónka wagonsRenfe is purchasing 149 Tatravagónka wagons and the corresponding fleet parts following the approval of the contract by the Board of Directors of Renfe Mercancías. EUR 39.1 million is the value of the contract.

The contract was awarded in two lots of a tender offer with negotiation within the context of the EU’s Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan – NextGenerationEU, which will partially fund it, with EUR 14.5 million.

The tender offer kicked off in June, sending the announcement for the tender offer to the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), after which the call for participants was published on the Public Sector Procurement platform. Slovak company Tatravagónka became the successful bidder and was awarded with the contract. Moreover, the company will have a period of 22 months to supply both lots.

Of the total number of Tatravagónka wagons to be acquired by Renfe Mercancías, one of the lots is made up of 74 60″ container wagons (SGNSS type) while the other is made up of 75 semi-trailer carriages (Sdggmrss type), which will be used to transport goods. The company aims to expand, upgrade and diversify its mobile fleet, in addition to offering more efficient, faster and safer rail freight transport services.

The investment for the supply of the system is included in the context of the government’s Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, covered by the NextGenerationEU instrument, which will fund the acquisition of these wagons. NextGenerationEU aims to provide support to sustainable transport and is in line with Renfe Mercancías’ commitment to improving the productivity and quality of service for its main clients.

The Sdggmrss 6-axle articulated wagon is designed for transport of semi-trailers, containers and swap bodies meets the binding TSI WAG regulations. The wagon is suitable for transport of two saddle semi-trailers up to the nominal operational loading of 40 t per semi-trailer, ISO containers 20 ́, 30 ́, 40 ́ classified in IRS 50592 and swap bodies according to IRS 50592.

The Sgnss is a 4-axle wagon designed for transport of containers and swap bodies. The wagon is suitable for transport of ISO containers with length of 20 ́, 30 ́, 40 ́ and 45 ́ classified in UIC 592-2, Class 1, swap bodies of group 1, 2, 3, 3a and 4 according to UIC 592-4.

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