Wabtec inaugurates new plant in India

rolling stock component plantWabtec has inaugurated its new subsystems and rolling stock component plant in in Rohtak, India, for which it has invested USD 18 million. The new plant will initially manufacture transit rail components and subsystems followed by other Wabtec product lines in the coming years.

The grand opening took place on May 20, 2024, attended by several Wabtec executives including Pascal Schweitzer, the President for Transit Business, Sujatha Narayan, Senior Vice President and India Regional Leader, and Ajay Mani, Managing Director for Transit India.

“India is an important growth market for Wabtec, especially for the transit business. The new site will further improve Wabtec’s ability to deliver enhanced value through our diverse product offerings for both Indian and global customers,” said Pascal Schweitzer said.

The factory, set on 10,000 square meters will start off producing axle mounted disc brake systems, distributor valves, brake calipers, and actuators, as well as friction material for freight cars, metro coaches, and locomotives for Indian Railways and metros. This campus is expected to host many products in the coming months and years that serve the rail, mining, and industrial segments, a testament to Wabtec’s commitment to the Indian market and the “Make in India” initiative.

This rolling stock component plant will be further developed by an investment of USD 10 million in the next few years, Wabtec Senior Vice President and India Regional Leader, Sujatha Narayan, said, adding that “we currently employ 300 people and as the business grows, we do intend to add another 200 employees with a keen focus on diversity hires.”

Wabtec’s Transit business in India offers diverse solutions through its manufacturing sites in Hosur and Rohtak, which includes brake systems, couplers, pantographs, relays, air-conditioning systems, passenger access doors, and friction solutions. The company’s large engineering presence in Hosur and Bengaluru also provides engineering and service support for Wabtec operations around the world.

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