Škoda wins EUR 1 billion maintenance contract in Egypt

electro-diesel locomotive fleetEgyptian National Railways (ENR) and Škoda Group signed a contract for the maintenance of a 250 electro-diesel locomotive fleet at a total value of more than EUR 1 billion.

The project marking Škoda Group expansion into Africa, consists of two contracts. The first covers the overhaul of locomotives over a period of 9 years, followed by a full-service maintenance up to 15 years. Most of the works will be carried out directly in Egypt, which will support the localisation and include work in all production positions. These large contracts underscore Škoda Groups focus on also providing life cycle full-service and modernisation.

To start the project, two prototype locomotives will be modernised at the Škoda Group production and service site in Šumperk in the Czech Republic. The remaining locomotives will then be modernised, overhauled and maintained in Egypt with the help of Škoda’s extensive knowledge and competence.

To ensure successful execution, the group will provide training at its sites specifically for the prototypes. The Egyptian staff will acquire the necessary expertise in Egypt and in the Czech Republic to carry out work on the locomotives to European industrial standards. Škoda will also collaborate with its partner in Egypt to find and retain such workers.

“Over the next nine years, we will deliver at least 280 rehabilitated and overhauled locomotives to Egypt with an extended service life of another 15 to 20 years. We will perform up to 15 years of full-service for these locomotives. We are convinced that full-service is the most efficient way for our customers to receive quality care and maintenance for their entire fleet of vehicles,” Marek Herbst, Senior Vice President Service at Škoda Group said.

ENR’s electro-diesel locomotive fleet will undergo a major review and renewal of their components. The locomotives’ drives and pneumatic parts will be overhauled, and their braking systems and electrical wiring comprehensively modernised. The driver’s cabs will also be transformed, with new control panels being installed. The TCMS train control system will also be checked and modified. Finally, the locomotives will undergo a major design makeover.


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