Škoda signs train contract in Uzbekistan

wide-gauge electric trainsUzbekistan Railways and Škoda Group signed a contract for the supply of 30 wide-gauge electric trains which will be manufactured in Ostrava

Uzbekistan Railways and Škoda Group signed a contract for the supply of 30 wide-gauge electric trains worth EUR 320 million, financed by Czech banks with support of the insurance export agency EGAP. Škoda will begin the production during next year at the production facility in Ostrava, well experienced in manufacturing trains for broad gauge tracks.

The contract has been signed in the presence of the Uzbek Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov, Uzbek Transport Minister Ilkhom Makhkamov and his Czech counterpart Martin Kupka, at Škoda Group’s headquarters in the city of Pilsen.
“With these cutting-edge trains, we are on the path to revolutionize our railways and enhance the overall passenger experience. This collaboration is just the beginning of a promising partnership. We recognize the great potential for Škoda in Uzbekistan,” Abdulla Aripov, Prime Minister of Republic of Uzbekistan said.

Škoda will supply Uzbekistan Railways with its wide-gauge electric trains that are already in production for rail operators in Latvia and Estonia.
The agreement represents the largest contract ever awarded to a Czech company in Uzbekistan. It is a testimony to Czech and European Union companies’ importance in Uzbekistan and Central Asia.

“Lobbying for Czech companies is a standard part of our economic diplomacy. I am glad that our trip to Uzbekistan helped to conclude this contract, which is important for the entire Czech industry. The development of the relationship with Uzbekistan opens the way to this country for other Czech companies, not only in the transport sector,” Martin Kupka, Minister of Transport of the Czech Republic, said.
Škoda’s modern electric train units offer exceptional performance, reliability and power efficiency. The Uzbekistan Railways units will consist of four cars with a broad gauge, featuring ergonomic seating and a fully air-conditioned interior. Passengers will enjoy onboard Wi-Fi connectivity, and an advanced external and internal camera system will enhance security. The trains will also incorporate partial low-floor design, ensuring full accessibility for all passengers.

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