PJM opens a new hall for wheelset measurement

PJ Messtechnik (PJM) has expanded its site and the infrastructure with a new hall for measuring wheelsets. The new area for the development and production of instrumented wheelsets was recently put into operation by the company.

“The dovetailing of theory with practical testing experience is a great added value for our customers. The instrumented wheelset infrastructure guarantees the highest measurement quality for every phase and every requirement. In combination with our in-depth engineering know-how and our many years of experience in dynamic testing, we offer vehicle manufacturers a considerable portfolio of knowledge and services,” Martin Joch, CEO of PJ Messtechnik GmbH said.

This has taken the profound measuring wheelset experience to a new level in terms of equipment. The new part of the building was provided with a wide range of equipment to ensure the highest levels of precision, stability and standard in terms of measurement technology. Furthermore, hall for measuring wheelsets and the expanded infrastructure will enable even faster throughput times and project processing in future.

The equipment includes, among others:

  • Static test rig for instrumented wheelsets for all track gauges and calibration during test runs on site;
  • Facilities for the parallel production of 12 instrumented wheelsets;
  • Indoor crane;
  • ESD-protected working environment;
  • Air-conditioned room (to provide consistently ideal conditions, for example when attaching strain gauges);
  • Dynamic test rig for the wheelsets’ end-of-line testing;
  • Fine balancing according to ISO13260 limits;

The extensive technical equipment is complemented by special knowledge on instrumented wheelsets. PJM combines measurement technology, experience as an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited test center and specialist engineering knowledge.

The company is a strong partner in the field of measuring wheelsets as the company handles in-house and from a single source all the processes and project steps relating to instrumented wheelsets, which also results in short cycle times.

PJM also provides calculation, design, production, calibration and balancing in the field. Thanks to the extensive equipment, the powerful telemetry system allows 12 measuring wheelsets simultaneously.  PJM offers solutions for every application and every wheel geometry (not just standard solutions).

PJM has already proven the successful interaction between engineering and instrumented wheelset technology on several occasions, including in a project for the Rhaetian Railway. Here, the wheel-rail forces and buffer forces were determined in advance by means of simulations and then checked using measurement technology.

Measuring wheel sets from PJM have also proven themselves many times over in dynamic test runs, including for the new generation of ÖBB Nightjets, Indian Railways and the new ČD Viaggio Comfort passenger coaches. PJM has been developing and manufacturing instrumented wheelsets in Graz for 10 years.


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