PESA Poland delivers trains to Ghana

PESA Poland delivers trains to Ghana. Ghana’s transport sector is set for a significant upgrade as it is set to receive 12 new state-of-the-art trains from Polish manufacturer PESA.

The modern trains are destined for the almost completed Tema-Mpakadan standard gauge railway line, a 97 km long railway designed to improve passenger movement on Ghana’s eastern corridor. PESA Poland delivers trains to Ghana.

Promoting Ghana-Burkina Faso connectivity

This development is part of a wider vision to connect Ghana with Burkina Faso through a 1000 km interconnection project. The project aims to link Ouagadougou to the port of Tema, thus promoting seamless transport between the two nations. The inaugural standard gauge train purchased by the Ghanian government is due to depart Poland in February 2024, arriving in Ghana in mid-March.

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