ONCF-DB agreement for Morocco rail development

ONCF-DB partnership agreement

An ONCF-DB partnership agreement has been signed in Berlin to strengthen cooperation between the two railway companies for the development of rail infrastructure in Morocco.

Signed by the Director General of ONCF (Office national des chemins de fer), Mohamed Rabie Khlie, on the one hand, and the Director for International Affairs of Deutsche Bahn, Niko Warbanoff, on the other, the agreement aims to develop the Moroccan infrastructure by improving performance and capacity through the renewal of the existing network and the construction of new lines for urban, regional and long-distance transport, including high-speed lines. The signed document also aims to develop rail infrastructure as a sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility solution, to encourage a sustainable modal shift to rail in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and to comply with international standards in this field. Consultancy and engineering services are also covered.

ONCF-DB partnership agreement signed in the presence of ministers from the two countries

The agreement was signed in the presence of the Moroccan Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mohamed Abdeljalil, and the German Federal Minister for Digitalisation and Transport, Volker Wissing, on the sidelines of a mobility workshop jointly organised by the authorities of the two countries. The document also provides for the availability and reliability of rolling stock, digitisation and digital transformation, the enhancement of heritage in and outside railway stations and the improvement of the management system in Morocco.

The two parties thus hope to benefit from mutual trust and strengthened technical cooperation in the further development of their railway systems and declare their common interest in close and lasting cooperation in the various areas of the railway sector in order to make the most of their experiences and competences to improve their performance.

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