New Tramlinks to enter services in Bern

Tramlink light rail vehicles The public transport company of Bern, Bernmobil, will start regular services on November 1, 2023, with the Tramlink light rail vehicles in the Swiss capital after a test phase lasting several months. The first Stadler Tramlink was officially handed over to Bernmobil and presented to the public at the Open Day at the Bolligenstrasse tram depot on 28 October 2023.

“With the Tramlink, Bernmobil now has a state-of-the-art tram fleet that is completely barrier-free. This will make public transport in the city and region of Bern even more attractive and sustainable,” René Schmied, Director of Bernmobil said.

In 2019, Bernmobil awarded Stadler a contract for the supply of 20 bi-directional Tramlink light rail vehicles and 7 one-way vehicles to be delivered between 2023 and 2025. The new trams will replace existing vehicles that are reaching the end of their useful life. The first five vehicles are already in Bern.

The 27 Tramlink light rail vehicles to enter passenger services will replace the existing Vevey Be 4/8 trams and the Bern-Solothurn regional transport (RBS) vehicles operating on Line 6. On the one hand, the vehicles will replace the 12 Vevey and 9 RBS trams on line 6 by 2025, which are reaching the end of their service life.

As main innovations, these vehicles incorporate a modern passenger information system, rear cameras instead of rear mirrors, an efficient air conditioning system that works by measuring the CO2 in the passenger compartment to minimize energy consumption and a brake assistance system for collision avoidance. In addition, the Tramlink features innovative bogies with real axles for smooth and comfortable driving through the narrow streets of its historic center with small radius curves.

“We are particularly proud to supply Bern’s new trams and to be able to offer its citizens high standards of travel comfort, safety and accessibility,” Ignacio Erce, Operations VicePresident of Stadler Valencia said.

Bernmobil’s new Tramlinks have been designed to meet the mobility needs and infrastructure requirements of the Swiss capital. With 42.5 m long, 2.3 m wide and offer large passenger capacity, up to 250 people (at four people per m2 of standing area). The first thing that attracts attention is the vehicle’s elegant exterior design and its bright, spacious, barrier-free interior. With wooden seats and large multifunctional areas for wheelchairs or pushchairs next to the doors, the unique interior design serves the comfort of the passengers.

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