New Škoda electric train for Elron reaches Estonia – photo gallery

The new Škoda electric trains for the Estonian company Elron arrived in the country from Riga, marking the start of the next stage in production.

New Škoda trains for Elron

  • A total of 16 new Škoda electric trains will arrive in Estonia between 2024 and 2026, of which 11 are long-distance trains and 5 are suburban trains.
  • The long-distance train has 236 seats (currently 214 in the 4-carriage), 15 bicycle seats, catering area, numbered seats.
  • The suburban train has 263 seats (currently 262 in the 4-car, 188 in the 3-car), 18 bicycle seats.
  • The schedule of the Narva and Viljandi directions can be compressed using the resource of diesel trains released from the Tallinn – Tartu line.

Production is taking place at the Škoda Group‘s production site in Ostrava.

The modern trains will, among other things, serve the newly electrified railway section between Tallinn and Tartu, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

The contract with Elron is worth a total of over 3.5 billion crowns (EUR 147 million).

The train is built on the RegioPanter platform (trains in the Czech Republic and Slovakia), which was also used in the design of trains to neighbouring Latvia.

The testing of the new train will begin in July

The first train must travel 6,000 kilometers without any major technical incidents, during which reliability and other compliance with the terms of the contract will be assessed.

After the successful completion of the type tests, all delivered trains must pass a control period of 5,000 kilometers while also serving passengers in line work.

A total of at least 70 different tests are performed on every train arriving in Estonia.

Elron (AS Eesti Liinirongid) is a state-owned operator company that organizes passenger train traffic on the railway owned by Eesti Raudtee AS and Edelaraudtee AS. In 2023, 7.83 million trips were made with Elron trains.

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