New EIB-Republic of Moldova agreement for 128 km of railway repairs to be signed

A new EIB-Republic of Moldova agreement will be signed on Friday for the repair of 128 km of railway in the Eastern European country.

EIB-Republic of Moldova agreementThe signing of this new agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the European Investment Bank was announced by the European Commissioner for Transport, Adina Vălean, at a meeting with journalists in Chisinau.

Vălean said that the loan is worth EUR 41.2 million, which will be supplemented by a grant of EUR 12 million. The money will be used to develop domestic transport. In particular, it concerns the repair of a 128 km section of railway line on the north-south route Vălcineț-Ungheni-Chișinău-Căinari.

The European Commissioner said that the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine are already included in the map of the European transport network (TEN-T) and in time this infrastructure will also develop in connection with the two countries. At the same time, Adina Vălean recalled that the structure for the interconnection of the bridges over the Prut River with Romania has already been approved.

EIB-Republic of Moldova agreement in the framework of a technical assistance package

“The EU invests and financially supports projects with priority on infrastructure maps, officially adopted by the Union. We have succeeded for Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova to include their infrastructure in our maps, the so-called <European transport network>. This network has three types of infrastructure: essential infrastructure, extended essential infrastructure and extended infrastructure. In time, with patience, hard work and perseverance, I am sure that this infrastructure will also develop in connection with the Republic of Moldova. We now have the bridge at Ungheni, on the road, we have projects related to the connecting infrastructure of those bridges already approved. We also expect to have the Albița-Leușeni bridge submitted in this call for projects, which ends by the end of January. So, things are moving”, said Adina Vălean.

The EIB has pledged to provide a EUR 100 million package of technical assistance and consultancy for priority recovery and resilience investments in Ukraine and Moldova, according to the European financial institution’s website. The Republic of Moldova, affected by the challenges caused by regional instability, is to benefit from up to 15% of this amount to boost investment in vital sectors such as transport, energy, environment and micro and small enterprises.

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