More Amazon goods moved by Mercitalia

Mercitalia and AmazonMercitalia and Amazon have signed an agreement to transport goods between Germany and Italy, with a frequency of 15 trains per week.

FS Group’s schedule includes three trains per week from Duisburg to Pomezia, operated by Mercitalia Intermodal, and six round trips between Herne and Verona, operated by TX Logistik. According to FS Group’s assessment, these routes, working at full capacity, could help avoid up to 9,000 tons of carbon emissions from international road freight traffic per year.

“These railway links to and from Germany fit with our strategic plan in line with the European Rail Freight sector’s goal of achieving 30% in rail modal by 2030. We are constantly working to adopt advanced technologies, such as the Digital Automatic Coupling of the freight cars or the digitalization of warehouses, that helps reduce the emissions associated with logistics operations, while still ensuring high quality service,” Sabrina De Filippis, CEO of Mercitalia Logistics said.

The Duisburg – Pomezia and Herne – Verona routes represent a strategic link for FS Group, connecting two of Germany’s most important logistics hubs with Northern and Central Italy.

In 2022, Mercitalia Logistics through its integrated sustainable logistics model, reduced about 1.8 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

“Given the particular geographical conformity of its territory, Italy is one of the countries that can benefit most from the growth of intermodal rail. We are happy to work with FS Group’s Mercitalia Logistics to continue expanding the use of rail to transport inventory between our European buildings, bringing products closer to where customers live,” Lorenzo Barbo, Managing Director of Amazon Logistics in Italy said.

In 2021, Mercitalia and Amazon signed the first agreement to transport goods by rail helping to reduce transport-related emissions and improve delivery times.

This agreement between the two companies is aimed at reducing international freight traffic, reducing both tail-pipe carbon emissions and congestion on key European roadways. The project will also help Amazon optimise inventory handling, reduce delivery times, and thus improve customer experience.

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