Hitachi Rail wins Naples metro train contract

Naples Metro Line 6 The Municipality of Naples awarded Hitachi Rail a contract to supply new generation trains for Naples Metro Line 6. The EUR 200 million contract will see Hitachi Rail manufacturer 22 trains for the line to be manufactured at Hitachi Rail’s factory sites in Naples and Pistoia.

Measuring a total length of 39 metres and with a capacity of 290 passengers, the trains will be equipped with Automatic Train Protection (ATP). The technology will ensure both safe operation of the trains, as well as an innovative air conditioning system designed to guarantee high levels of comfort for passengers in all seasons.

“It is a fundamental step to enhance rail transport in the city with the latest generation trains that guarantee efficiency and safety to users. The Administration’s efforts to equip the city with an increasingly articulated and technologically advanced transport system continue,” the Mayor of Naples, Gaetano Manfredi, said.

Phase one of the contract will include the construction of the first 6 new bidirectional metropolitan trains. The first six trains will enter service from 2026, and will contribute to progressively increasing service frequency, helping to grow capacity and comfort for passengers.

“Hitachi Rail is committed to providing sustainable and innovative mobility solutions worldwide. Our reliable, safe and comfortable transport systems can encourage the greater use of green mass transport, helping to drive a modal shift away from private transport, delivering increasingly connected and green cities,” Luca D’Aquila, COO Hitachi Rail Group said.

In this summer, Naples Metro Line 6 will be opened on the Mostra – Municipio section and will use the existing trains which are 25 metres long and provide a capacity for 200 passengers. “By summer 2026 we will have the gradual transition to the new 39-meter trains and a capacity of 290 passengers as per the contract signed with Hitachi, improving carrying capacity and comfort. Subsequently, there will be a gradual transition to new trains in double composition (580 passengers) with a frequency of 4.5 minutes. Line 6 will involve the large basin of Bagnoli, Fuorigrotta, Chiaia and then Posillipo, making it connected with Piazza Municipio with an interchange on Line 1,” Councilor for Mobility Edoardo Cosenza said.



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