Four Amtrak stations upgraded in October

Amtrak stationsIn October, modernisation and upgrade works at four Amtrak stations have been completed providing increased accessibility and improved interiors. More than USD 25 million is the total value of the stations’ modernisation projects.

On October 23, the US rail passenger operator celebrated the completion of fully repair, modernisation, and improved accessibility at Wilmington, Delaware station. Major updates included adding two new escalators and interior stairs and improving station accessibility.

The Wilmington station is a transport hub on the Northeast Corridor and USD 11.6 million was invested to complete the renovation project. The station was used by 600,000 passengers in 2022, being ranked the 20th busied Amtrak stations. Originally built in 1908, the station was rededicated as the Joseph R. Biden Jr. Railroad Station in Spring 2011 after undergoing a major restoration.

As part of the next phase of the Wilmington station project, additional repair and improvement work is planned for the station and adjacent rail beds over the coming years. This project also aligns with other station upgrades on the Northeast Corridor, including boarding platform improvements nearing completion in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.

Also in October, Amtrak announced the completion of a USD 6.4 million project at the Charleston station in West Virginia. The upgrades are part of the company’s overall commitment to advance accessibility improvements to ensure a safe, efficient, and comfortable travel experience for customers. The Amtrak Cardinal train travels three times a week from New York and Chicago, with a stop at the station at 350 MacCorkle Ave. SE.

“Ensuring an accessible travel experience is a priority and we’re actively advancing construction, renovation, repair, and upgrade projects at stations across our national network. We want all of our stations to be a welcoming and comfortable environment for customers. We are pleased we delivered these improvements to enhance the Charleston station,” Dennis Newman, Amtrak Executive Vice President of Strategy and Planning said.

At the Charleston station, passengers can access a new 243.8 metre long concrete platform featuring new lighting, guardrails, signage, and stormwater system. The platform is located alongside the historic station building and extends underneath the Southside Bridge. The platform provides customers a more accessible and sturdier surface as well as a brighter area to board on and off the train.

Additional improvements include the creation of pathways extending from both parking lots to the station, and three accessible parking spaces for customers. Bird netting in the roadway bridge structures above the platform helps maintain a clean environment.

The station building has two new entrances, renovated waiting room and restrooms. A new fire system was installed, and heating, ventilation, and air condition system updated. Crack repairs were made to the building’s exterior walls and a new roof was provided.

Del Rio station has been also modernised and providing a smoother, brighter and more accessible journey with the completion of a USD 3.8 million investment.

The Amtrak Sunset Limited train service is provided three-days-weekly between New Orleans and Los Angeles, with a stop at Del Rio, the county seat of Val Verde County, along the southwestern U.S. border with Mexico.

Amtrak, working with the City of Del Rio, made investments that include the construction of a 198-metre concrete platform and upgrades to station signage. A mobile lift enclosure, parking stalls, public right-of-way access, and energy efficient LED light fixtures lighting along the platform and pathways, are all among the improvements meeting the specifications of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Walkways connect the platform to the city owned Del Rio Regional Transport Centre, an intermodal facility that accommodates Amtrak, local buses and taxis in the historic rail depot. In addition to the direct service to Louisiana and California, the Sunset Limited carries Texas Eagle railcars, including to and from Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Little Rock, St. Louis and Chicago.

At the beginning of October, the US long-distance rail operator completed the USD 3.4 million upgrade project at Yazoo City station, Mississippi. The Amtrak City of New Orleans train provides daily connections between New Orleans and Chicago, with a stop at Yazoo City, in the heart of the Magnolia State.

Amtrak, working with Yazoo City, made improvements that include the construction of a new 91.4 metre-long concrete platform meeting the specifications of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Amtrak is advancing 143 station designs and 39 station construction projects as part of an ongoing commitment to provide 100% accessibility at all stations, where Amtrak is responsible, by 2029.


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