Wrocław orders new trams

Moderus Gamma tramsThe public transport operator of Wrocław, MPK Wrocław, and Modertans Poznań signed a contract the supply of 21 additional Moderus Gamma trams as part of an agreement for 46 new trams.

In 2020, MPK Wrocław decided to purchase 25 new trams from Poznań-based manufacturer Modertrans.

The new trams will enter operation from the end of 2022 to mid–2024.

“As a mayor, I paid attention to the development of the public transport system in the capital of Lower Silesia. My goal is to radically improve the quality of the public transport. Today we are talking about an   important aspect of MPK functioning – the tram rolling stock. Thanks to this option, we are not buying 25, but 46 trams which will operate Wrocław tram network in the coming years,” the Mayor of Wrocław, Jacek Sutryk said.

The Moderus Gamma trams have a modern and lightweight design, equipped with high–performance drive system. They are low–floor light rail vehicles, equipped with electronic displays and air conditioning systems. The trams will be 32 metre–long with a capacity of up to 170 passengers.

The new trams will also operate the new lines Nowy Dwór and Popowice as well as on the modernised routes. The authorities intend to modernise the depots to accommodate the trams.

“The procurement of 46 Moderus trams is another investment that will increase the attractiveness of MPK services, providing more comfort for each passenger. In the near future, we will further purchase new trams to replace all older type high–floor trams,” the president of MPK Wrocław, Krzysztof Balawejder said.

Modertans Poznań says that the design work for the trams is ongoing and is has started the completion of the equipment and repair package. The trams must be fully adapted to the client’s requirements. MPK demanded new seat layout and dedicated functions of some systems, has suggested the location of the monitoring cameras, and the layout of the driver’s desk.

Work is progressing and the manufacturer will negotiate on other several topics on an ongoing basis.

MPK Wrocław has started a public contest for the selection of the motif of upholstery of new trams with the passengers expected to vote on the given layout versions.

The public transport company will invest PLN 372 million (EUR 81 million) for the new trams. Beside the procurement of the new trams, the operator is repairing 25 Protram 205WrAs vehicles and 17 Škoda 16T trams of its existing fleet.

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