World market for rail electrification continues to grow dynamically, especially in Africa, the Middle East and Western Europe

Image_ElectrificationThe current worldwide market volume is around EUR 7.5 billion and will grow at a CAGR of 5% p.a. up to 2018. Market growth is generated in particular from numerous metro projects as well as electrification of existing diesel lines with growing operational demands. The Western European market is once again growing dynamically. Momentum for the market development up to 2018 will come from the ambitious rail electrification expansion plans in the UK. Despite their small size, Denmark and Sweden will also contribute significantly to growth: these countries want to electrify a large part of their rail networks at 25 kV 50 Hz. In addition, projects delayed due to the financial crisis will begin again and contribute to market growth. High growth is expected in the Africa/Middle East region: the market for new development and upgrade will grow further from an already high level, driven above all by new mass transit systems in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Algeria, as well as inter-regional and high-speed rail (HSR) lines in Bahrain, Iran, Morocco, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. In the long term, SCI Verkehr expects increasing dynamism in this region. The urgency to upgrade and modernise the transport infrastructure will additionally be reinforced by the high population growth.

Source: SCI Verkehr

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