Works on Sheremetyevo Airport rail extension launched

Russian Railways begun the construction works of a new rail section which will connect the Northern Terminal Complex (STK) of Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport with B and C terminals which are currently under construction.
The project will be implemented within two phases. The first stage envisages the construction of the Sheremetyevo-1 station at STK with three pick-up tracks and two platforms, a 3-km double track line and a single-track branch that will connect the new station with the existing Sheremetyevo-2 station located in the South terminal complex (UTK, D and E terminals). The first stage is expected to be completed in 2022 which will allow the launch of shuttle trains from South terminal to the North terminal with an interval of 15 minutes. Sheremetyevo-1 station with the
Under the second stage, RZD will continue the construction works of a double-track line connecting the existing routes towards the Sheremetyevskaya Savelovsky station which will connect with the existing lines to central Moscow.
After completing the project, the capacity at Sheremetyevo Airport will increase from 38 to 72 train pairs per day, of which 32 pairs to South terminal and 40 pairs to the Northern terminal. From Moscow, the rail services will be provided at every 15 minutes.

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