Windhoff will deliver 35 self-propelled On-Track Machines to SBB

swissWindhoff Bahn- und Anlagentechnik has obtained a contract for the design, production and delivery of 35 self-propelled On-Track Machines from SBB in Switzerland. From spring 2017 onwards the new vehicles will be delivered successively to SBB and the last OTMs will be rolled out in 2021.
The new machines will be used for scheduled maintenance of the infrastructure as well as trouble-shouting in case of urgent repair works. The final decision in favor of Windhoff is based on several customer benefits, in particular the innovative design of the running gear: it combines low wear and high tractive effort with extraordinary curve negotiating characteristics.
Each vehicle will be equipped with a loading platform and a loading crane. For improved access from the track bed the loading platform is partly lowered to a height of only 1.000 mm above rail-level.
The bi-directional vehicle convinced through optimized visibility from both driver’s positions as a result of a computer simulation.
Initially a number of 5 vehicles will undergo a 6 months testing period in full operation and all gained experiences herein will be transferred into serial production before final takeover.

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