Washington: Airports Authority updates status of Silver Line Metrorail construction project

WMATA_D_Route_Pocket_TrackThe Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority announced that design modifications made to enhance the safety and reliability of the Metrorail Silver Line, along with remaining work to finalize Phase 1 of the overall project, will add USD 76 million, or about 2.6 percent, to the previously announced Phase 1 cost. The new Phase 1 cost remains within the original federally approved Phase 1 budget.
A recently concluded global settlement with the construction contractor for Phase 1, Dulles Transit Partners, along with the resolution of other outstanding matters has allowed the Airports Authority to project a final Phase 1 close-out cost of USD 2.982 billion, which represents an additional cost of about USD 76 million, and to move to the final close-out of the Phase 1 project. The majority of the remaining work on Phase 1, which opened for business in July 2014, will be completed by the end of this year, including the delivery of 64 new rail cars at a cost of USD 189.4 million to expand the Metrorail fleet. Final close-out of Phase 1 is expected to occur in 2016.
“The Phase 1 global settlement is an important milestone in the Silver Line project, following its successful launch in July 2014. It gives us closure on the most substantial cost component of Phase 1, ensures we will achieve the project’s federal budget targets and allows us to maintain the existing toll schedule for the Dulles Toll Road,” Airports Authority CEO Jack Potter said.

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