Warsaw opens three new metro stations

Warsaw Mayor, Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski, has inaugurated three metro stations out if six on the eastern section of Metro Line 2. The Line 2 includes 7 stations, from Rondo Daszyńskiego to Dworzec Wileński, and has a length of 6.7 km.
Trocka, Targówek Mieszkaniowy and Szwedzka are the three new metro stations and are a part of EU co-financed project which foresees construction of 6 new metro stations, as well as installation of technical facilities at the existing Kabaty station, the procurement of 13 new trains and preparatory work for an additional extension to the line.
For this extension, the EU allotted EUR 432 million, out of a total cost of nearly EUR 749 million.
Currently ongoing development of line 2 aims at improving connections between the eastern and western sides of the city and better integrating Warsaw’s various urban transport systems. The number of journeys on the metro is expected to reach approximately 218 million in 2020. If referred to the number of 310 million of all rail passengers in Poland in the same year, it shows the scale of the impact of this mode of transport in only one agglomeration. It also shows how much this investment is needed.
Warsaw Metro has a network of 22.7 km and 21 stations and. When it is complete, Line 2 is expected to be 32 km long and to have 27 stations. Plans are also under development for the construction of a third metro line which initially will have 8 stations.

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