Warsaw to invest around EUR 900 million in tram and metro networks

The European Union and ZTM Warszawa (Warsaw Public Transport Authority) have signed an agreement to finance the construction of two new tram lines and the extension of a metro line in the Polish capital. Through the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment, the European Union will grant PLN 617 million (EUR 144 million) for the extension of the tram network to Wilanów and Goclaw. Moreover, ZTM Warszawa will also procure 68 light rail vehicles and will build a new depot.

The first tram line will measure 12 km on Warsaw West StationWilanów route, serving 18 stations, including an underground station at Warsaw West Station. Under this phase, 50 light-rail, bidirectional vehicles will be bought and a new tram depot will be built in Annapol area. The depot will accommodate 150 trams.

The whole phase amounts to PLN 1.19 billion (EUR 278 million) and the EU contribution will be of PLN 555 million (EUR 129 million).

The second tram line to be built in the Polish capital will measure 4 km on Boulevard Waszyngtona – Goclaw route. The project includes the reconstruction of the 4.5 km of track that already exists along Waszyngtona Boulevard, as well as the modernisation of eight stations that will be adapted to enable the access of disabled passengers.

During this phase of the project, ZTM Warszawa will buy 18 unidirectional trams worth PLN 392 million (EUR 91 million) with a EU financing of PLN 60 million (EUR 14 million).

Another significant project for which ZTM Warszawa will receive EU funds worth PLN 1.95 billion (EUR 455 million) includes the extension of metro Line 2 by another 6 km and the procurement of 17 new metro trains.

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